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Potential Mediacom rival picking up speed

ALBANY GA — 10/19/2010 — Albany City Commissioners heard an update from L2 Networks who plan to offer cable, telecom, and internet service by using Water Gas & Light’s fiber optic network.

Commissioners say their constituents are supportive of competition and some want to know details of a potential future date they can try a new provider.

Mayor Willie Adams has asked L2 for financial proof of stability to make sure they are solid. He says his worst fear is that the commission approved L2 and they begin providing service, and later have to stop service due to lack of funds to continue developing the telecom network into unincorporated areas of Albany. “I’ve been assured from the people who represent L2 that they are financially stable. There is proprietary information that they can’t put in public, but we’ll focus on it and they will provide me with that information so we can make an informed decision” says Adams.

The company has already mapped out primary and secondary areas of service to launch their services if approved.


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