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Albany will have new cable TV by April

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –- 12/2/2010 — The L2 network plans to provide TV, internet, and phone service using Albany Water, Gas and Light’s fiber optics.

The construction and installation of the system will create at least 100 full time jobs. Twenty-five more positions could open if the company decides to relocate its existing call center to Albany.

They expect to begin hiring at the start of 2011. Customers will be able to access the internet straight from their televisions and explore websites like Twitter and Facebook at High speeds.

“”Imagine a wireless keyboard sitting in front of your TV being able to do whatever your heart desires, whether it be Google, you tube, etc. It’s amazing technology and for all intensive purposes our set top boxes are glorified computers,”" said L2 Networks CEO Kraig Beahn.

L2 says downloading capability will be so fast you’ll be able to download a full length HD DVD is just 39 seconds.

L2 Networks will lease existing fiber networks from Water Gas and Light.


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